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KLIMA-KOMPONENTEN KÜCH GmbH manufactures and distributes the ball siphon – suction side type and the special siphon – pressure side type. The requirements of VDI 6022, 6016 and the RLT regulations (Herstellerverband Raumlufttechnische Geräte e.V.) have been fulfilled.


  • Siphon for AH (air-handling) units
  • Siphon for ventilation engineering
  • Siphon for air-conditioning engineering
  • Siphon for refrigeration engineering
  • Siphon for HVACR devices


Our special siphon is used in the plant construction, for AH units and is indispensable in the air-conditioning and refrigerating engineering.


The siphons ensure the smooth functioning of air-conditioners and ventilation systems. Our siphons have proven successfully in the air-conditioning engineering and in HVACR devices a thousand times.

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